Update: Trina Gary

Update: Trina Gary

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Awhile back I blogged about Trina Gary. Trina left New Orleans after the hurricane. She relocated to Hayward, California with hopes of returning to her home town.

Trina hit rock bottom when thugs stole her FEMA money ($17,975) and beat her. She was left destitute and hospitalized. Her adopted community felt a kinship to Irma and raised over $30,000 which now resides in a trust fund. The local church put Trina and her children up in a hotel in Oakland until they could get their life together.

This week Trina’s luck improved greatly. With the trust fund in her name, she and her children were going home. On top of this, they stopped in Houston to be reunited with Trina’s 23 year old daughter, Irma, and her grandchildren. When the hurricane struck, they were separated. They hadn’t seen each other since August 29th when Hurricane Katrina split their family apart.

Trina’s on her way home. She’ll be back in New Orleans in just a couple of weeks. She’ll be starting her life over. But, thanks to the people of Alameda County, she’ll have a little nest egg to help her out.

[Note: As of this date, the police still have not caught the people who robbed Trina Gary.]

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