Health Insurance for All

Health Insurance for All

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As we all know, health insurance in the USA is a mess. Most of us can’t afford our insurance policies but are terrified to let them go as we may never get insurance again. Companies are looking to dump insurance as the cost becomes prohibitive.

The State of Massachusetts is embarking on a plan to bring health insurance to 99% of their state’s people. It’s been hailed by Democrats and Republicans. Senator Kennedy, Governor Romney, and a host of health care providers have worked together and come up with a plan that everyone feels they can work with.

The idea is to provide insurance for everyone. It’s not necessarily free insurance to all. The plan is designed so that employers and employees both pay into the system. A fund would be set up to pay for the uninsured.

Opponents claim that it’s a costly expansion of government. However, it’s very clear that the system cannot survive as it is. Individuals cannot afford their own health insurance anymore. Businesses are hard pressed to find the funds to cover employee insurance. Meanwhile, premium skyrocket while benefits continue to decrease. Although the plan will cost businesses and individuals, there will be a benefit. The state now spends a huge amount of money on the uninsured. Someone has to pay those medical bills when a person cannot. This should free up some funds so the burden is not as high.

All eyes will be on Massachusetts as their health insurance plan gets underway. If all goes well, this could be the model for other states or even federal health insurance coverage.

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