Teacher Gives the Gift of Life

Teacher Gives the Gift of Life

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Teachers are a giving group of people. Not only to they dedicate themselves to their class time, but they spend the rest of their days grading papers, tutoring, and participating in other school related activities fill their days. One fourth grader is about to give her student more than a passing grade. She’s going to give him a kidney.

10 year old Brandon Schafer needs a kidney transplant. A cyst is quickly growing and destroying his kidney. There was no match within Brandon’s family. When his fourth grade teacher, Patricia Donahue, heard of his plight, she went down to take test to see if they were a match. She’ll be giving him a kidney and Brandon gave her an iPod.

She knows what it’s like to have a loved one waiting for an transplant. Her father suffered from leukemia. Without a bone marrow donor, he would not be here today.

The operation will take place next month.

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