Scrappy Goes Home

Scrappy Goes Home

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Do you ever watch the show “The Dog Whisperer”? Cesar Milan is my hero! What he does with troubled dogs (and people) is simple amazing. He is truly gifted.

You may know that during Hurricane Katrina, thousands of dogs were left behind. Their families thought they would only be gone a day or two. They left food and water so their dogs would survive. They didn’t realize that weeks and months later they still wouldn’t be able to return home.

Over 300 of the rescued dogs went to California. One woman who works at a shelter had three troubled dogs in her care. Cesar Milan offered to take those three and rehabilitate them. If all went well, the dogs would either be returned to their owners or adopted out.

This week there was an update. After a couple of months, one of the dogs, a Lab/Dachsund mix named Scrappy, found it’s family. Cesar and his wife flew to New Orleans so that they could return the dog to his owners.

The reunion was a tearjerker. The family had lost so much. The dog’s “Mom” had ended up in the hospital because the stress of worry about what happened to her dog was making her sick. To find that their beloved Scrappy had survived brought them so much joy. Scrappy was happy, too. He immediately recognized his family and spread hugs and kisses everywhere.

There were so many tragic stories coming out of Hurricane Katrina. It’s nice to see a happy ending for one family.

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