Woman Found Alive in Landfill

Woman Found Alive in Landfill

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A Washington native disappeared last Thursday without a trace. She failed to show up for work at a veterinary clinic. A search was on to find her.

Tuesday, a Ukiah Transfer Station employee found feet sticking out of a garbage pile in the landfill. It was Rebecca Huston, the woman who disappeared–and she was alive!

Huston suffered cuts, bruises, and minor hyperthermia. Her overall condition has not been disclosed.

Huston had been driving to work last Thursday. She was carjacked and kidnapped at gunpoint. They drove around for four days. On Monday, her captor made her get out of the car and forced her in a garbage container. It was picked up and dumped at the Ukiah landfill.

Her car has been found. Police will be searching it for clues. Huston cannot identify her captor as he was wearing a ski mask.

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