Trumpet Guy is a True A’s Fan

Trumpet Guy is a True A’s Fan

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I’ve been watching the Oakland A’s since I was chauffeured around in a stroller. They’ve always had good teams and eccentric fans. Crazy George, the Hammer Kids, Pon Pon Man, the Drummers. One night someone climbed up the stands to “Mt. Davis” set up an easel and began to paint (the game, I presume!)

Now there is Trumpet Guy. Steven Saxon is a classical trained musician. He dabbles with classical and jazz and can sing some too. In 2000, on a whim, he decided to bring a piccolo trumpet to an A’s game. He had fun playing for the fans, so he kept bringing it…for six more years. He plays music throughout the game to punctuate the play on the field and to do a little ribbing of the players. He even takes requests.

Everyone knows Trumpet Guy. If you’re at the game his trumpet can be heard everywhere. If you’re listening at home, you pick up whispers of it throughout the game. The radio commentators make comments about his choice of songs and the television cameras always find him in the stands.

I don’t know why the A’s draw such unique fans. I don’t know what makes the drummers haul their drums to the games, the hammer kids put on their costumes, or what makes the trumpet guy put on a free show 20 or more times a year. I do know that these people make the game alot of fun. It’s just a little bit of the California spirit making it’s way to the stadium.

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