Run Like the Wind

Run Like the Wind

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What were your physical accomplishments before the age of 5?

Budhia Singh, of Orissa, India, is 4 years old. He comes from one of India’s slums. His family lives in poverty. At one point his mother was going to sell him.

The tyke has made a name for himself by running 65 km. That’s approximately 41 miles!!! There are days when walking around the block is a challenge for me. I don’t think many adults would be up to the task.

It’s the farthest a 4 year old has run and it’s gotten Singh in India’s record books. Officials are checking to see if this is a world record. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is!

Thousands of fans cheered the child as he completed the challenge. He even had a coach to help him out. Originally, Singh wanted to go farther, but doctors halted the run out of concern for the child’s health. It took him 7 hours-2 minutes to run the 65 km.

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