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Clean out your Pantries, Folks!

Clean out your Pantries, Folks!

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All right folks. You’ve got fair warning. Saturday is Stamp Out Hunger Day. So, go through your pantry, clean out your cupboard. Get rid of all your non-perishables that you don’t want. Everybody’s got something! That soup that sounded really good, but tasted bad, and was on sale so you bought 10 cans. How about that case of canned fruit that made you break out in hives. There might even be some dried beans that never quite made it to the crock pot. This is your chance to get rid of it all and give it to someone who can really use it.

Here’s the best part! You don’t even have to drop it off anywhere. Put all this stuff in a bag and put it next near your mailbox Saturday May 13th so your mail carrier will see it. He or she will do the rest! Be sure to put it out before your normal delivery time. If you receive the official post card in the mail, attach that to your bags to make it easier to see. If you go to the official website, you can have them email you a reminder so you don’t forget!

Donations will go to the America’s Second Harvest Food Bank. Some suggested items are soup, canned fish and meat, rice and grains, cereal, and canned fruits and vegetables.

Last year, mail carriers collected 71 million pounds of food. This is the 14th year the post office is participating. Here’s your chance to make difference. Help make the food drive a success! Clean out those pantries!!!!

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