To Vote Before She Dies

To Vote Before She Dies

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Maria Soledad Sarabia Lagareta is 100 years old. She has done many things in her life, but she has never been able to vote. The Mexican native has been in the USA for almost 80 years, but she never became a citizen.

She was born in Mexico in 1906. She was orphaned at the age of 12. Her father died in the 1918 flu epidemic. In 1927, she left Mexico for Los Angeles. She worked as a seamstress in Hollywood.

She’s been married and widowed. In 1976, she moved to Hawaii to be with her sons. There she has lived a wonderful retirement. Her passion is cooking Mexican dishes.

She now lives in the Manoa Gardens Elderly Housing Complex and is still very much independent. She lives on her own with the aid of a caretaker who stops in twice a day.

Lagareta decided that she would like to become a US citizen and vote before she died. So, her son, Roland, helped her apply for US citizenship. Fortunately, his mother had all the necessary paperwork and the process moved very quickly. Lagareta took her citizenship test–answering all six questions correctly. Last week, she became an official American…and since this is an election year, she’ll get her wish to vote very soon.

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