The Forgotten Kids

The Forgotten Kids

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Did you know that there are 500,000 kids in foster care in the United States? (Source: At the age of 18, public assistance disappears. These foster kids find themselves on the street trying to survive without a home or a job.

You may have heard of Antwone Fisher. A movie was made about his life. He grew up in the foster care system in Cleveland. At 18, he was on his own, sleeping store fronts, with nowhere to go. Two years later, he joined the Navy to get off the streets.

Fisher has partnered with Alex Smith, a multimillionaire quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Smith and Fisher met at a showing of Fisher’s movie. That meeting lead to the creation of the “Alex Smith Foundation”.

Smith claims that Antwone Fisher was the inspiration for the foundation. The foundation is set up to help kids transition from foster care to the real world. Programs are set up to provide job training, housing, and education. By giving foster kids these skills and teaming them up with a mentor, they’ll be able to help themselves. With Fisher’s experience with foster care and Smith’s considerable business contacts, they hope to fill the void left behind after governement assistance and give these kids a fair shake.

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