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Thanks USA

Thanks USA

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So many people like to claim “I support the troops!” They say it every now and then, hang a flag in front of their house, and put a sticker (made in China) on their car. That makes them feel better and they are done with it. A 10 year old and an 8 year old came up with way they could really show their support and offer aid to soldiers and their families.

Rachel and Kelsi are sisters. Last year on vacation, they started thinking about our soldiers stationed in distant lands. They wanted to come with something that went beyond a bumper sticker.

They both had recently fallen in love with Treasure Hunts. With the help of their parents, they came up with a proposal. The idea was to get sponsors for a national Treasure Hunt. The hunt would be used to raise awareness among Americans. Then they would collect donations would be set aside to offer scholarships to the children of soldiers. They named their program “Thanks USA” which stands for “Treasure Hunt Aiding Needs of Kids (and Spouses) of those Serving the United States of America.

They got a bunch of sponsors to provide prizes for the Treasure Hunt. The hunt runs from Memorial Day 2006 to Labor Day 2006 (September 5th is the deadline). You can learn more about the hunt and register to participate at: http://www.thanksusa.org/main/hunt.html.

They received a federal grant as well. The grant and donations will be used to fund the scholarship program. They hope to dole out 1,000 scholarships a year. Their website explains it all and provides ways we all can participate.

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