100,000 Photographs

100,000 Photographs

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When Linda Kopet suggested her husband, Larry Kopet, get a hobby, she had no idea what she was getting into. Larry decided to photograph headstones in Wisconsin’s cemeteries. They’d drive to different places and shoot some pictures. What started as an innocent weekend hobby for Larry Kopet has turned into a vast resources for genealogists throughout Wisconsin.

That hobby has grown to over 100,000 photographs. They’ve hit 60 counties–903 cemeteries total.

They aren’t hogging all that history either. The photographs have been donated to the USGenWeb Tombstone Project for Wisconsin. Larry does the photography. Linda labels each computer file. Then it’s sent on to the project coordinator who uploads them to the website.

The Koppets do this all out of love. The photographs are offered free of charge and they are compensated with money. They know they are contributing to a worthwhile cause. People approach them to tell them how much they appreciate their work. That’s reward enough.

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