Two in a Million

Two in a Million

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Kylie Hodgson and Remi Horder weren’t trying to have a baby. When they found out Kylie was pregnant, it took a little getting used to. But, soon enough they were happy they were going to be parents. When they found out Kylie was having twins it was a bit overwhelming.

Kylie gave birth by caesarean section to two beautiful girls. One was a little lighter in color than the other. Neither through this was unusual since both came from mixed raced parents. Both having a black father and a white mother.

A few weeks after the birth they realized something was different. Baby Remee was blonde with blue eyes and white. Baby Kian had brown hair, brown eyes, and was black. Everyone agreed that the babies would have similar skin color in the end. Now that it’s over a year later, it’s very clear, Kylie and Remi have one black child and one white child.

Authorities believe skin color is determined by 7 genes. Babies usually get a mix of genes from mother and father so there is a clear variation between twins. In this case, the doctor believes Baby Kian and Baby Remee must have received only one type of color gene each rather than a mix from both gene pools.

It’s very rare for twins to be born with different skin color. In fact, the odds are about a million to one. This makes Kian and Remee pretty special.

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