Five Months on the Streets of America

Five Months on the Streets of America

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When was the last time you thought about the homeless people in your town? Most of the time we pass them by, not even acknowledging them as fellow human beings. We wouldn’t want to be in their shoes for a million years–if they had shoes.

Two college students had a deep desire to walk a mile in those tattered shoes. Mike Yankoski and Sam Purvis spent five months on the streets of America with nothing more than their guitars and a few measly nessicities.

They lived poverty first hand. They found out how hard it was to live on benches and from meal to meal. They found kindness in unexpected places, like the person who handed their leftover pizza to them. They found coldness in places that they thought not possible, like churches where members did their best to avoid them.

An experience like this changes a person deep down inside. What started as adventure, was truly mind altering. They’ve written a book about their experiences which they hope will make in impression on others and help them feel more compassion towards the poor.

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