A Day of Crime Fightin’

A Day of Crime Fightin’

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Aubrey Matthews is six years old. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor at a very young age. She’s undergone chomo and is recovering from the side effects.

In June, the Make A Wish Foundation rolled into Boise, Idaho, to grant Aubrey a wish. She wanted to be a super hero for a day.

The Foundation set up everything so that Aubrey could act out her dream. Aubrey named herself Star and named other super heroes on hand as Lion Lady, Dog Man, House Lifter, and so forth. Super hero Star was hot on the case of some bad guys who had stolen a gold star from the Idaho Historical Museum.

After a hard day of crime fighting, the mayor of Idaho bestowed an honor on it’s youngest hero. Aubrey was made an honorary police officer, complete with uniform.

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