You Make the Call

You Make the Call

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Have you ever wanted to manage your own baseball team? Fans will have the chance to manage the second half of a minor league team. Instead of yelling at your tv, you can put your money where your mouth is.

In a collaboration between MSN and LivePlanet called “Fan Club: Reality Baseball” fans will be calling the shots for the Schaumberg Flyers, of the independent Northern League situation near Chicago, Illinois. Fans won’t necessarily sit in the dugout and dictate what the team does. They’ll follow the team online and vote on which decisions to make. According to the website, fans will put together the batting lineup, fielding positions and pitching roster.

If all goes well, fan opportunities may expands. There are ideas to bring fans in to coach bases and participate at a higher level.

As MSN has over 1 million online members, they hope this new approach will generate alot of interests. Baseball fans (and non-fans) will be able to get in on the action making the sport more participatory. Time will tell if reality baseball is a hit or not.

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