Dog Survives Plane Crash

Dog Survives Plane Crash

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A family of four met tragedy July 1st when their small plane crashed in Southern California. On boar was pilot, Robert Santoro, his wife Karen, and sons Ian and Dawson. Rene and Edgar Herrera were first on the scene and pulled the family from the wreckage. Robert and son, Dawson, survived the crash, but Karen and Ian did not.

Also on board the plane was the family’s nine year old dog, Lindsey. Friends of the Santoro’s had searched for Lindsey but finally gave up. Everyone assumed the dog was dead.

Six days after the crash, the Herrera’s went back to the crash site. They continued the search for Lindsey though everyone said it was a lost cause. They found the dalmation in a ditch. He had severe injuries, including a ruptured diaphragm and broken leg, but was alive. They took the dog home, then to the Santa Barbara Hospital. Lindsey is recovering after her lengthy surgery.

The Santoro’s will have to face the loss of their two loved ones. At least they won’t have to add the loss of their loyal dog to the list as well.

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