Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows

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Environmentalists are shown as the stereotypical tree huggin’, sandal wearing hippies in the media. As public lands are being sold off to the highest bidder, the face of environmentalism is changing.

In Valle Vidal, New Mexico a battle is brewing. In 1982, Valle Vidal has been available for public use. It’s a nice peace of wilderness with forests, meadows, and elk. Hunters, fisher folk, hikers, nature lovers, and the Boy Scouts enjoyed the beauty of the area. Now energy interest want to do some exploratory drilling in the wilderness.

The people who use the park regularly are standing in opposition. Outdoorsmen and nature lovers are joining forces to save their park. They are beginning to see how the all end of losing once the land is exploited. The landscape is changed, the animals die off, and quiet wilderness becomes riddled with the noise of machinery.

They’ve gotten the ear of Representative tom Udall. He’s sponsored legislation that will ban Valle Vidal from exploration. The bill has passed the House and goes on to the Senate.

As the government looks for new energy sources in the wilds of America, battles will increase. As one area is exploit, another follows. Already eyes are turning to the shorelines of California and Florida where moratoriums block oil drilling. The folks who fish, hunt, and hike find themselves on the same side these days. They realize if they work together, they can preserve our public lands for everyone. I imagine we’ll see more alliances like the one in New Mexico.

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