Big Papi has a Big Heart

Big Papi has a Big Heart

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I’m a huge Oakland A’s fan. The other night, while watching my poor team be slaughter by the Boston Red Sox, there was a brief interlude.

In between batters, they showed David Ortiz of the Red Sox, in the stands. He was walking with a little boy no more than five years old. He had taken the boy to the dugout and given him one of his bats. The boy walked next to this giant holding the bat that was twice his size. Ortiz walked the boy back to his seat and lifted him over the rail to his father. A wide smile spread across the boy’s face.

Although Ortiz was the “enemy” (at least for that night), I couldn’t help but smile at this display of heart. He wasn’t even in his own ball park. Yet, he took the time to not only meet this little fan, but to give him a gift that he would always remember. I think that’s pretty classy myself.

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