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Korean War MIA Project Needs Volunteers – In Search of the Human Spirit
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Korean War MIA Project Needs Volunteers

Korean War MIA Project Needs Volunteers

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I read about this on the Genealogue blog and I thought it might be something genealogists in our online community might like to participate in.

The Korean War Project has information on Korean War MIA, KIA, and WIA. Due to changing times, the remains of many of these soldiers have now been located and turned over to the US.

Here’s the problem:
Current family members are needed to do DNA testing to prove identity.

Here’s where genealogists come in:
On the website, http://www.koreanwar.org/html/finding_the_families.html, there is a database of soldiers who remains must be confirmed but family hasn’t been found. Your skills as a genealogist can come in mighty handy here! They need people who can take a soldier’s name and locality, search through records, and try to find information on family. THEY ARE NOT ASKING YOU TO COMMUNICATE WITH THAT FAMILY. Your job is to find possible leads. Genealogists do this everyday while searching the census, then obituaries and telephone directories.

The database is searchable by name. You can also pick individuals by locality or branch of service.

There are benefits to you. First, you’ll feel pretty darn good knowing you helped a family locate their loved one’s remains. Second, I don’t know any genealogist who doesn’t need to improve their skills. Working on someone else’s lines is a way to pick up research skills you might not have otherwise seen in your own research.

IslandRoutes.com (my website) has adopted the state of Hawaii and Oakland, California (with the help of our friends at genealogyforum.org). We need people who can search the census, obituaries, city directories, etc.

We making our home base on the genealogyforum.org message board. You will find it here: http://z9.invisionfree.com/GenealogyForum/index.php?act=idx You must be a registered member to post to the posts. Set up a user name and password, then join in the project!

If you find information, reply to the post with that person’s name. Keep all information about each person under their post so we don’t get confused.

If you are interested, please see details on the genealogyforum.org message board. Their are hundreds of
name in the Korean War database, but if we make a dent in HI and CA, we’ll be doing our small part.

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