Rap it up, Palestinian Style

Rap it up, Palestinian Style

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Growing up in Hayward, California wasn’t easy for Ibrahim Batshon. He was the only Arab in a largely African American and Latino neighborhood. Batshon is the son of Palestinian immigrants who also had a speech impediment. Kids were merciless with their teasing.

he had a penchange for poetry as a teen and used it as an outlet to voice his frustrations. At the age of 24, he’s turned it all into a career. He’s a bright new star on the Rap Music scene and has his own record label “Revolution Now”. He’s got a CD coming out called “Son of a Refugee”.

The CD springs from a trip Batshon made back to the home of his ancestors in Palestine. He wanted to know where his people came from. He came back with stories and a sense of reality that he has not beena ble to shake. His humble roots in Hayward were seen as royalty compared to how his Palestinian cousins lived.

Batshon’s music carries touches of American and Palestine. He has taken his early struggles and given them a voice. People seems to like his style. He’s getting orders for his CD from places as varied as Canada and the UAE.

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