Teens Help Rebuild Sidell

Teens Help Rebuild Sidell

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Teens from the Columbus United Methodist Church of Columbus Wisconsi have headed to Sidell, Louisiana. This is no fun filled festive vacation. They’re off to over their help rebuilding houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

The group will spend five days in Sidell. The group has been teamed up with another group from Pennsylvania. So far they’ve painted a house, installed insulation, and helped with drywall.

It’s sad to think that almost one year after the hurricane (yep, that anniversary is almost upon us) there is still so much to be done. Many folks haven’t even gotten their rebuilding money from the government fund.

A big thanks goes out to these kids and all the volunteers who have given their time and energy rebuilding the Gulf Coast. Each home they complete is one more family that will be able to move out of temporary housing and can restart their lives.

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