Firefighters Challenge

Firefighters Challenge

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Firefights from California to Florida converged on Fremont, California last week for the Third Annual Fremont Firefighters Challenge. 36 teams from across the country participated in th event.

What’s involved in a firefighters challenge? Competitions are set up for individuals, two member teams, and five member teams. The participants have to don 50 lbs of equipment. They run through obstacle courses, up and down flights of stairs, and so forth. If that isn’t hard enough, they have to drag a 42 lb hose through some of the course. To finish it off, they must drag a 175 lb dummy to safety–106 feet away.

The firefighters from Travis Air Force Base took top honors this year. They destroyed the competition in most events. The real winners are the public. Knowing there are firefighters in this good shape ready to respond to an emergency is a big relief!

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