No News Today…

No News Today…

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I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been able to work on my blog since last Wednesday. My dog, Sierra, the amputee, hurt her back leg. In the course of treatment, they found out she has arthritis in that hip (which will make things difficult for a 3 legged dog).

So, I’ve been in nurse mode since then. She is getting better. She was walking the next day actually but a bit wobbly. She is on pain medication. It comes in a syringe and I have to squirt it in her mouth. She thought it was great the first day, after that she was not so thrilled. LOL She starts licking her mouth when she sees me coming. Probably in hopes of getting rid of the taste before I even give it to her.

Today she starts on Deramaxx. I’ve heard good things about it. The arthritis is advance, but Sierra has shown no signs until last Wednesday of having pain. So, we’ll just take this day by day.

Hope to find some good news to report here soon!
Thanks for your patience!

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