A Lesson in Forgiveness

A Lesson in Forgiveness

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When Charles Carl Roberts senselessly murdered five Amish girls last week, the nation was beyond shock. How could such a violent act occur in such a peaceful community? How would the community ever recover?

It seems the Amish are far more resilient and forgiving than we give them credit for. When the violence of today’s world invaded their close knit society, they didn’t shut their doors, they opened their hearts. They have been doing their part to console the family of Charles Carl Roberts though they need consoling themselves. They invited the family to the funeral of their lost, precious children. And, then many of them came to the funeral of the murderer to give them support and share their grief.

In this day and age when everyone wants revenge, vindication, and justice, it’s almost hard to swallow that those who lost loved ones to a murderer would be the first to console the family of the murder. Where is their outrage? Where is their call for revenge? The community has decided to be forgiving instead. It’s almost an alien concept in this day and age. One can’t help to be truly touched by the gesture and hope that the Amish community feels the sympathy that the rest of nation feels for them. We are all part of the human community. This tragedy touches us all, but maybe the forgiveness shown by the Amish will linger in our hearts a bit longer than negativity the murder has created.

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