Size Isn’t Everything

Size Isn’t Everything

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Brandon James isn’t your typical football player. He plays for University of Florida – St. Augustine. Oh yeah, he’s only 5 ft 6 1/2. Midget sized by football standards.

Normally, someone of James’ size wouldn’t even get a spot on the team, let alone get to play. So, how did he make the team and get a scholarship? One only has to look at the first few days of the season to see why he’s so highly regarded. James ran for 35 yards on his first punt return of the season. He followed that up with a 90 yeard return. He scored a touchdown on that run, but it was erased by a penalty.

As a Freshman, James will be the backup. But, he’s already shown why his high school coach and the recruitersthink so highly of him. In a year or two, Brandon James may be a player we hear alot of.

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