Thank You to my Favorite Team

Thank You to my Favorite Team

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The Oakland A’s made it to the playoffs this year. The series against the Minnesota Twins was perfectly played. All the bad hops and lucky hits went their way. Then they came up against the destined Detroit Tigers. No matter how hard they played, they were outdone.

Each day the newspapers ask “What went wrong?” I’d like to ask “What went right?” After all, the A’s were racked with injuries all year long yet they were one of only four teams who made it the second round of the playoffs. That’s remarkable and should be commended.

Here’s my thanks to the team that brought victory to the city of Oakland even when everyone said they couldn’t. Thanks for a memorable season filled with the game winning hits of Marco Scutaro, the home run battle between Nick Swisher and Frank Thomas, the acrobatics of Mark Kotsay in center, Zito’s wicked curve, Jason Kendall catching almost every day of the season, the bullpen that stepped it up when the closer went on the DL, Haren stopping a losing streak at the end of the season…and who could forget that “hoedown handshake” (okay, so that’s what I call it!) between Swisher and Bradley everytime they hit a home run.

Then there are those wacky fans…the drum corp, the flag wavers, trumpet guy, hockey mask guy, and all the other loonies who made the season interesting.

And, what about the commercials? I laughed so hard at 11 year old Houston Street going to the Hall of Fame, Mark Kotsay running out of the stadium onto the streets of Oakland to catch a ball, and the others.

I’m not a bitter fan. I thoroughly enjoyed the season. So, thanks Oakland A’s. You gave us a good ride!!!

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