82 Years and Going Strong

82 Years and Going Strong

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Most people look forward to retiring. Not Ema Cartwright. She turned 100 on October 31st. She’s been working since 1924 and sees no reason to stop now.

Cartwright was born when Roosevelt was President–that’s Theodore Roosevelt, that is. She graduated from high school in 1924 and went to work of Oshkosh B’gosh that same year.

She worked for the company 22 years before moving on. She’s been working as a bookkeeper for the Oshkosh City Cab Co. ever since.

Technology has swirled around her, but she hasn’t given in. Cartwright likes to do things the old fashioned way. No new fangled computers for her. She keeps the book by hand–a pencil and adding machine is all she needs.

When asked about retiring she responded “I’ll keep my job as long as Don wants to keep me”. Don is the son of Oliver Davies the original owner. She outlived him too!

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