Nothing But Nets

Nothing But Nets

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Malaria kills more children in Africa than any other disease. The United Methodist Church, the United Nations, the NBA, and Sports Illustrated have taken action to lower that figure. They are banding together to form the program called “Nothing But Nets”.

The program will take in $10 donations which will go towards purchasing insecticide treated mosquito nets. Those nets will be sent to the needy in Africa. Each net can provide four years of protection for a family.

The United Methodist Church has been an active force in Africa for the passed 160 years. With the support of the U.N., they’ll work to get the nets to those who need them most. The NBA and Sports Illustrated will sponsor the effort as well as lend some big name recognition to the project. The idea of blending sports and humanitarian aid is not so unusual. Sports Illustrated has used it’s printed space in the fight against malaria in the past.

The goal is to deliver at least 120,000 nets to the continent.

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