Refugee becomes a Citizen

Refugee becomes a Citizen

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Martha Dawud came to the United States in December of 1999. She was escaping the horrors of life in a Sudanese refugee camp.

In 1996, her village, Liang, was attacked and destroyed. Dawud, her husband, and one year old son fled to a nearby forest. Then, they walked to the refugee camps in Ethiopia–hundreds of miles away. They struggled with starvation and dehydration every day. Someone they survived it all.

In 1999, she and her husband go their ticket out of the refugee camp. They earned refugee status and came to the United States. In Houston, they found work, an apartment, and security. They no longer had to scrape for food, water, and shelter.

Seven years later, Dawud has become a United States Citizen. She’s a long way from Sudan. Her family were the lucky ones–the few who got out alive.

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