In Search of the Holiday Spirit: Donate a Toy

In Search of the Holiday Spirit: Donate a Toy

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Many children won’t get a visit from Santa this year and their won’t be any presents under the tree from their parents. Their might not even be a tree.

The holiday season is expensive. Christmas gifts, Hannukah gifts, Kwanzaa gifts…But think about those who won’t have anything.

When you go shopping, buy one extra toy (a doll, a board game, a stuffed animal), then donate it to Toys for Tots. If your local Toys for Tots has already delivered presents this year, you might take it to a local homeless shelter or the children’s hospital. If there is a family in your neighborhood who are down on their luck, you can leave the toy anonymously–compliments of Santa.

Giving is the joy of the holiday season. You could make one child happy this year who won’t be getting anything.

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