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In Search of the Holiday Spirit: Give to a Soldier

In Search of the Holiday Spirit: Give to a Soldier

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It’s easy to forget during our holiday festivities that their are Americans stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are far away from their families and friends wondering if they will survive another day.

There are a couple of really easy (and cheap) things you can do to brighten their day.

Donate a Phone Card:
The USO has a program where you can donate a phone card to a soldier. Each card costs $10 and allows a soldier to phone home. The cards can be ordered online at: http://www.uso.org/whatwedo/specialprograms/usooperationphonehome/ The USO will distribute the cards for you.

Another program the USO has is the Exchange and Commissary Gift Cards. These cards allow soldiers to make purchases through their bases. Here is the link for the gift cards: http://www.uso.org/whatwedo/specialprograms/giftsfromthehomefront/

Troop Talk Radio, the Jones Radio Network, and the USO have teamed up to provide free music downloads for the troops. A $1 donation will give a soldier one free music download. You can find out more information about the program at the Troop Talk Radio website: http://www.trooptalkradio.com/

If you have other ideas post them in the comments. We can bring a little home to our soldiers for the holidays.

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