In Search of the Holiday Spirit: Giving the Gift of Books

In Search of the Holiday Spirit: Giving the Gift of Books

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Over at we have quite a community of book swappers. We exchange great books and through the forum we learn about each other’s lives, dreams, disappointments, and share a laugh now and then.

Last week through the forum, I learned that a friend of a member could not provide Christmas gifts for her children. They wouldn’t have anything under their tree this year. The member asked if anyone had giftable books would they send them to her friend.

My nieces and nephew will get so much this Christmas. Even if their parents were unable to provide presents this year, the rest of the family would pitch in to make sure they had a celebration and plenty of gifts.

I makes me feel so sad for those who will have nothing. I can’t help everyone. I’d have to be Bill Gates to do that (I wish I was Bill Gates!!! LOL) But, I could help this one family. So, I went through my swap stack for children’s book. I found about 8 that looked brand new, wrapped them up, and sent them off.

I hope that this small token gift will brighten their Christmas morning.

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