Town Refuses Junk Food

Town Refuses Junk Food

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Who’d ever thought a fast food restaurant would close up shop because of lack of patronage? That’s exactly what happened to the McDonald’s in Tavistock, Egnland. They’d been in financial trouble for seven years, but decided to go out of business this year.

A business going bankruptcy isn’t exactly a cheery story. In this case, we give three cheers–and not because it’s McDonald’s! What happened in Tavistock? The town is known for good food and good produce. In fact, they won the “Best Food Town in South West” award this year. So, perhaps McDonald’s wasn’t the right restaurant for the area.

The final nail in the coffin may have a change made by the local school district. 18 months ago, they change the school lunch menu to a healthy one. It appears the results are now showing. Kids weren’t patronizing McDonald’s because they weren’t interested. And, if the kids aren’t dragging their parents to fast food, well then, the parent’s probably aren’t going either.

This may be the first example where kids junked the junk food for carrot sticks and baked food. Kudos to the town of Tavistock for putting health first!

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