Pay as You Go Restaurants

Pay as You Go Restaurants

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There’s a new concept springing up among some restaurant owners in the United States. It’s called the “pay as you go” policy and for a couple of restaurants it’s working quite well.

Owners of the One World Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah and the SAME Cafe in Denver, Colorado have incorporated this concept into their restaurants. The theory is everyone should benefit from a good, healthy, wholesome meal and pay by whatever means they have possible. Both have good size clientele who come from the well off to the poor. Those who can pay choose how much they will pay. Those who can’t pay are required to do some sort of service for the restaurants such as mopping, sweeping, washing dishes, or other tasks that need to be done.

The food at both restaurants is organic and made fresh each day. People are encourage to take as much as they can eat and then determine what it’s worth. Both have such loyal customers that they’ve received monetary and material donations. At the SAME Cafe, one person comes in regularly just to pay for a strangers meal.

Other restaurants have had trouble with this policy. People take advantage of it. Some restaurants who’ve tried “pay as you go” have converted back to set prices because they’ve been burned so many times. But, it’s working out very well for One World Cafe and the SAME Cafe.

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