Test Tube Mother

Test Tube Mother

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Louise Brown is known throughout the world as the first test tube baby. Louise’s parents, John and Lesley Brown, tried for 9 years to have a baby the natural way. Enter Dr. Steptoe and Dr. Edwards who recommended using IVF. This was way back in 1978, when I was in 8th Grade, the story was plastered everywhere. Boy, were we amazed at this big advancement in medicine.

Now Louise is 28 years old. She had her first baby on January 12th. Her boy was conceived the old fashioned way. Both Mom and baby are doing fine.

It’s surprising to think that the first test tube baby born 29 years ago. What a wonderful thing it was for childless parents. Medicine takes us in so many directions. Sometimes it seems we are going nowhere. But, medical breakthroughs like IVF don’t happen over night. It’s good to remember the advancements we have made. It gives us hope for the future.

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