The Lone Republican

The Lone Republican

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I don’t normally touch on politics in this blog. However, I think events this week warrant a mention. Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska was the lone Republican on the Armed Services Committee to vote for a resolution against the President’s troop surge.

Senator Hagel has been voicing his opposition to the war for the last two years. The Vietnam veteran has become very vocal in his opposition to the war in Iraq. Yesterday, he spoke firmly to the Senate. He believes this is a time for courage. He challenged his fellow Senators to get off the fence and voice an opinion one way or another about the war. He went as far as telling them that if they wanted a safe job they should go sell shoes.

Too often, politicians stick their finger in the air to see which way the wind blows rather than forming an independent opinion and sticking by it. They are so afraid of hurting themselves in the polls and the next election that they would rather do nothing than fix the problems that face us.

Senator Hagel deserves our respect whether we agree or disagree with his views. He has stood before his colleagues with honesty and integrity. The American people should applaud him.

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