Super Bowl Champions

Super Bowl Champions

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Super Bown Sunday gave America a bit of history. for the first time, an African American coach brought a team to football’s biggest game. This time, both of the coaches were African Americans.

Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears and Tuny Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts faced off in the Super Bowl. While Dungy gets all the accolades since his team won, Smith deserves his due as well. Both overcame the odds. They battled racism and good ol’ boy networks throughout their careers. They worked their way through the NFL system, then finally got the chance to prove themselves.

It seems appropriate that this first would happen right around Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. One more slice of the dream realized. With each first, we open doors for the next generation. May there be a day when we won’t even notice the color of another skin, but view them by their abilities, skills, and character.

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