Wife Saves Husband from Mountain Lion Attack

Wife Saves Husband from Mountain Lion Attack

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Thanks to his quick thinking wife, Jim Hamm is going home. On January 24th, he and his wife were out hiking in Humboldt County. He was attacked by a mountain lion–at one point his head was in the mountain lion’s mouth. His wife, Nell, valiantly fought off the mountain lion with a tree branch. She saved her husband’s life.

Hamm was in critical condition when he was brought into the hospital two weeks ago. Hamm had puncture wounds on his face and scalp and torn, in addition to torn muscles, and a damaged right arm. The surgeon took muscles from his back to patch the holes in his head. He may need plastic surgery depending on how things heal. He will be undergoing physical therapy to regain use of his arm.

Hamm is very happy with his wife’s heroics and the ability of the doctors to patch him up. He and Nell celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Friday. Although they spent the day in the hospital, it may be the best anniversary they’ve ever had.

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