Arab Nominated for Righteous Among Nations Honor

Arab Nominated for Righteous Among Nations Honor

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Not many know that Tunisia was occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II. Once they were in control of the country, they unleashed their persecution of the 100,000 Jews living in Tunisia at the time. Jews were forced into labor camps and sent to concentration camps in Europe.

Robert Satloff, Director of the Washington Institute of Near East Policy, has been researching the holocaust. He’s gone to Tunisia to explore the relationship between Arabs and Jews during World War II.

During his research, he came across the story of Khaled Abdelwahhab. Abdelwahhab came from a prosperous family. He was active within the community. On day a rumor spread that German officers were going to rape a local Jewish woman. Abdelwahhab stepped in to protect her and about 24 others.

Abdelwahhab provided them safe haven on his farm. He did this for four months. Then the occupation ended.
Because of his brave deed, Staloff has nominated Abdelwahhab for a very high honor. It’s called the Righteous Among Nations honor. It’s given to Non-Jews who helped Jews during the war.

This would be the first time an Arab has been nominated. While Muslims have been awarded the honor in the past, no Arab has even been nominated. As history is unveiled, more stories of bravery against the Nazi government will come to light.

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