Update: Senator Tim Johnson is out of the Hospital

Update: Senator Tim Johnson is out of the Hospital

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You may remember that Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota suffered a brain hemorrhage on December 13th 2006. His recovery is going so well that he’s been released from the hospital.

Johnson has a long road ahead of him. Right now he’s staying at a private rehabilitation facility. He’s come a long way in his rehabilitation, but still has a long way to go.

Things are on track for Johnson to make a bid for reelection in 2008. His Democractic colleagues are making sure he gets a fair shake by holding fund raisers on his behalf. Senator Baucus of Montana has taken a special interest and has formed a joint committee in support of Johnson.

It’s uncertain when Johnson will return to elected office. If he continues his rate of recovery, we should be seeing him back very soon.

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