And the Snow Angel Crown Goes To

And the Snow Angel Crown Goes To

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North Dakota takes it’s snow angels seriously. In February, they broke the world record for the most snow angels created in one location. They will then regain the crown that Michigan stole from them.

The event was held on the capitol grounds. 8,910 people registered to participate. There was a 5 month old and a 99 year old–both making snow angels for the first times. People actually took time off works just so they could be there.

The snow angel record was created in 2002 when North Dakota first held the record with 1791 snow angels. The most recent record was Michigan’s 5,784 snow angels. If verified by the Guiness Book of World Records, North Dakota will crush that record by over 5,000.

How long will it be before Michigan tries to take back the crown?

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