Lottery Winner Only Wants a Little More Time

Lottery Winner Only Wants a Little More Time

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Wayne Schenk has won the New York State Lottery–One Million Dollars! How is the winner going to spend the spoils? He’s terminally ill with cancer. He’s been give one year to live. He’s hoping the money can buy him some experimental cancer treatments.

Right now, he’s getting reatment via the VA Medican Center in Syracuse, New York. He’d like to go to the Eastern Regional Medical Center in Philadelphia. They are on the cutting edge of cancer treatment. Schenk is hoping to pay his way to a little more time.

His hit a road block with the New York State Lottery Commission. They have no provisions for payments to people who might not survive 20 years. Schenck could take a lump sum of $400,000, but will only see $200,000 of that after taxes. He needs $125,000 just to begin treatment. Lottery officials hope to work out some way to expedite payments.

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