Good Samaritan Aids Marine

Good Samaritan Aids Marine

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Around Christmas 2006, Jason and Alina Westerlund thought their luck couldn’t get no wrose. They were trying to make ends meet when Jason was placed on the reserves for the Marines. As they were moving from their home in San Diego to Haltom City, Texas, they got a speeding ticket. To make matters worse, they didn’t realize their California car insurenace was not valid outside the state. The court put their fine at $427.

Someone in the courtroom heard Westerlund’s story. This mysterious couple first handed Jason $150 and thanked him for serving his country. When they heard the fine was $427, they pooled their cash together, paid the fine, and gave the couple a little extra to get through the holidays.

Jason has a job now and things are going much better. The Westerlunds have no clue who their Santa Claus was. They sure are thankful that the unknwon strangers helped them in their time of need.

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