San Francisco Doctors Make House Calls

San Francisco Doctors Make House Calls

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A hundred years ago, it was the norm for doctors to make house calls. Nowadays, you’re lucky to spend ten minutes with your doctor in his or her office. So, what do you do when you’re chronically ill and can’t get to the doctors?

The San Francisco On Call Medical Group thinks they have the answer. Six doctors make up the group. They make in home visitrs through the Bay Area to those who have physical ailments that make it difficult for them to get to the doctors.

Treatment is a bit pricey. It ranges from $200-$350 per visit. The group doesn’t deal with insurance companies, but an individual might be able to get reimbursement. On average a visit is thirty minutes.

In 1971, only 1% of doctors made housecalls. There has been a shift and the idea of making house calls is making a comeback.

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