Stranger Saves Elderly Woman from Scam

Stranger Saves Elderly Woman from Scam

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A 73 year old woman has strangers to thank for thwarting a scam. She was approached at the Thrift Town store in San Leandro, CA by a woman wondering if she had dropped her wallet. The elderly woman denied that it was her wallet. The woman claimed their was $1000 in the wallet. Another woman approached and pretended to overhear the conversation. She had an idea that they could divide the money if they all put in a good faith amount of dollars.

They all then drove over to the Wells Fargo Bank in San Lorenzo where the elderly woman withdrew $20,000. While this was going on, a patron of the Round Table Pizza Parlor across the street noticed something suspicious. They thought that a bank robbery was in place when they noticed the women wiping their fingerprints off the elderly woman’s car. One woman adjusted her wig as she waited. This person called the police and they were on the scene before the scammers could escape with the money.

The two women had run scams before but hadn’t been convicted. Thanks to the witness they have been caught and are up for grand theft and elder abuse.

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