Sgt. Brett Miller’s Life Has Turned Around

Sgt. Brett Miller’s Life Has Turned Around

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Sgt. Brett Miller life spun out of control in August 2005. That was the day he was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. He sustained a brain injuyry and lost sight in one eye.

He fumbled around the Amry Medical system. He was treated in Germany and then the army hospital in Washingon. Once he was sent to outpatient services he was on his own. No one paid attention to whether he showed up for appointments or not. No one watched over him despite the fact that he still lived within the barracks. His walking was unstable so he drove around in car despite the fact that he was not medically cleared to drive. But, how else could he get around when the Army provided him no means to get to his medical appointments?

Fourteen months after he was injured, he landed on the steps of the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital. He thought he was in heaven. The facility is designed to handle brain injury patients as inpatients so no one slips through the cracks. The treatments are proactive keeping in mind that it may take years to rehabilitate some patients.

When Sgt. Miller arrived he could barely walk or talk. He had no sense of balance so could not ride a bike, which he loved to do. Today his speech is back and close to normal. He’s back on a bicycle and entering mountain bike races. He’s still not cleared to drive a car, but at least he can get around. He gives the Palo Alta Hospital staff credit for getting his life back together.

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