Olympic Skier Reunited with Family

Olympic Skier Reunited with Family

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You may remember Toby Dawson from the 2006 Olympics. He’s on the US Ski Team. He won a bronze medal at the Olympics.

When Toby was three, his mother lost him in a market in South Korea. His family searched orphanages for him, but had no luck. Toby went off to an orphanage and later was adopted by an American couple in Colorado.

The story of where Toby was born and how he was adopted was aired during the Olympics. Afterwards, several couples came forward who had lost children during that time period. Kim Jae-Su was one of them. He hoped that this might be the son he lost so many years ago.

Information was exchanged with officials and DNA were done. Kim Jae-Su was a match with Toby Dawson.

In February, Toby went to Seoul, South Korea to meet his birth family. He met his father and brother at a hotel. The men shed tears as they hugged each other for the first time in decades. Then the three went off together so Toby could meet the rest of his family.

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