Student’s Exchange Ideas

Student’s Exchange Ideas

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In New Mexico, the students at a Jewish school and those at a Muslim school spent some time together to learn about each other. What they found out is that they are very much the same.

Twenty fourth grade students at Salam Academy and Solomon Schechter Day School spent a day at each other’s school. The point was to spent a day together and learn a thing or two. Children were encouraged to ask questions and to have open debates on religion, culture, and other things which they thought divided them.

They found out that they do some things differently such as wearing yarmulkes and head coverings. But they also found out that they have similarities such as they both eat a kosher diet and pray before meals.

School officials hope to extend invitations to students of other faiths and backgrounds. They hope to teach kids that it’s okay to be different, but those difference don’t have to separate us.

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