Don’t Complain!

Don’t Complain!

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What would you say if I challenged you to stop complaining for 21 days? That’s exactly what Reverend Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity did!

Reverend Bowen noticed that his congregation was beset with complaining. Parishioners critized each other, complained about church services, and whined about one thing or another.

Bowen challenged them all to stop complaining for 21 days. He participated in the challenge himself. They had purple bracelets made to remind themselves of their pledge. Whenever they caught themselves complaining, they were told to switch the bracelet to the other wrist and start over. When they succeeded they earned a certificate of happiness.

It wasn’t easy. It took Reverend Bowen three and half months to meet his goal. Other took seven months to do it.

The program has blossomed into a national phenomenae. Bowen’s Kansas City, Missouri congregation has sent out 126,000 bracelets. A teacher challenged her class to stop complaining. Although the children found it very difficult, many completed the challenge eventually.

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